Seven of the best freeware reverb plug-ins

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To tie in with our Essential Guide to Reverb – not to mention our Starter Studio for ambient composers – here’s a list of the finest freeware reverb plug-ins that money can’t buy. Fancy some free space? Look no further…

Denis Tihanov Oril river

freeware reverb - oril river

Platform Mac/PC, VST, 32/64-bit
Download here from KVR

As we’ll see with a lot of these free reverbs, more thought has gone into the sonic characteristics than their looks – which is a good thing, right? You’d rather it that way around, of course.

Some of the reverbs in this round up do try and break the mould, but this one just produces a good range of room sizes and a great range of sounds, leading some to say it might just be the best freebie reverb out there, at least in the ‘trad reverb’ sense.


You get very useful EQ and damping sections plus controls over early reflections, reverb tail and pre-delay which adds to the flexibility. Sure, others in this round up push the envelope further sonically but if you just want a damn good sounds, this download is well worth a click.


freeware reverb - MuVerb

Platform PC/Mac, VST, 32/64-bit
Download here from MuVerb

MuVerb is part of MuTools’ MuLab and MUX Modular plug-in bundles, but you can download it direct, on its own, from the link below and we’d advise you do as it sounds absolutely fantastic. Like others here, it’s a little on the dreamy side – well, we were feeling all wistful when we put this list together, so that’s why we chose it – but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it on every day recordings and mixes.

It does work better on more ethereal tuneage, though, and would make part of our Starter Studio for ambient composers. There’s more flexibility in terms of its features than with other ‘verbs so tweaking and adjusting the Filter and PreDelay sections gives excellent results and can give you a more varied sound.

Magnus Ambience

freeware reverb - Magnus Ambience

Platform PC/Mac, VST/AU, 32/64-bit
Download here from Magnus

Magnus/Smart Electronix Ambience has been around the block a few times – indeed we first gave it some love in our first ever freeware round up many years ago. We’re happy to announce that it still works well and there are plenty of up-to-date versions to download and its sound is just as dreamy as ever.

It is also just as easy as ever to overdo your ambience with, er, Ambience so – as with all of the reverbs here – be careful. But Ambience is really all about these big sounds and spaces – with a dollop of 80s gating too – so if that’s what you are after then this still sounds better than some paid for reverbs. Dial away and enjoy.

Stone Voices Ambient Reverb

freeware reverb - Stone Voices

PlatformPC, VST, 32/64-bit
Download here from KVR

Stone Voices is a Russian plug-in developer which also produced a very interesting granular synth called PolyGAS. Ambient Reverb is aimed at the ambient music genre so features reverb times of up to 100 seconds for those one hit, one note ambient specials.

That’s not to say it can’t be used in other genres but you’ll have to be a little restrained in its use. Fortunately, everything is well laid out and easy to get your head around so it’s quite easy to be restrained or whacky, you decide.

There’s a very usable EQ section, Damping controls and a few massive dials which, as you might expect, can really crank your reverb up to outer space levels. Get your pads out, throw them through this and you’ll have a complete ambient album in no time at all…

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TAL Reverb 3

freeware reverb - TAL Reverb 3

PlatformPC/Mac, VST/AU/AAX, 32/64-bit
Download here from Togu Audio Line

Togu Audio Line makes some great freeware and we’ve included many of their synths in our past roundups. And to be honest you can take the pick of at least three free reverbs too but we’ve chosen Reverb III as it’s a new and improved version of Reverb II a favourite that we’ve also included in past roundups.

TAL-Reverb-III is a plate reverb with a distinctive diffuse sound and, while it’s simple in nature and very easy to use, there’s a little extra to get your teeth into sonically with Low and High EQ sliders, a Stereo Width control and Room size combining to offer surprisingly varied results which the 10 presets demonstrate. Like we said, simple but very effective.

u-He Protoverb

freeware reverb - u-He Protoverb

Platform Mac/PC, AU/VST/AAX, 32/64-bit
Download here from u-He

We love the idea of this one. Not only is it made by a top drawer developer – u-He makes some of the best plug-ins around – but it’s called ‘Researchware’. That’s because users are encouraged to send their best and worst reverbs to u-He for them to include as future presets. ‘Instead of spending months researching and testing ourselves, we hope that our community will come up with great settings,’ says u-He very honestly, and why not get involved?

It’s a quality reverb that builds up rather than avoiding room resonances and also blends a little theory together with some random, trial and error techniques for a very varied output. But the good news is that because it’s free, there will be a lot of people trialling so a lot of errors but some great reverb sounds too.

Voxengo OlskoolVerb

freeware reverb - Voxengo OldSkoolVerb

Platform Mac/PC, AU/VST/AAX, 32/64-bit
Download here from Voxengo

At it implies OldSkoolVerb is probably the most musical reverb here at least in the traditional sense. You get five Reverb Modes – including Slapback, Reverse and Deep – Damping controls and a three-band EQ meaning there’s a lot of flexibility in your reverb sound and how it is applied.

There’s also control over the Space and Width and the spatial image is where it excels, especially when you move up in room size through the 18 presets from the vintage plate up to large halls. And the sound?

Well it’s a lot better than you should expect from a free reverb and well suited to all sorts of musical applications although Voxengo suggest that it is particularly suited to vocals, piano and pad sounds and we’d go along with that.

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