Six of the Best: Hardware Controllers – Alesis V/Vi Ranges

Best Something for Everyone – Alesis V/Vi Ranges

Price V: £65 to £120 – Vi: £120 to £179
Contact InMusic T: +44 01252 896040

There are two ranges to choose from here, but with the V and Vi ranges from Alesis you really do get a keyboard to match most playing styles and studio uses.


The V range is slim and surprisingly playable, whereas the Vi range comes packed with controllers and pads. Something for every pocket too, as the prices for both ranges go from £65 to £130. Andy Jones concluded: “We’d recommend the Vi range overall as the cash outlay isn’t that much extra. The VI61 is a particularly good steal. Superb keyboard range for the money, offering a proper playing experience and oodles of control.”

Full Review – Alesis V/Vi Ranges

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