6 of the best freeware mix effects

Compression, EQ and reverb… for free.

1Ignite Amps PTEq-X

Ignite Amps PTEq-X

It’s a Pultec in looks and (almost) name, but Ignite Amps – one of the best developers of guitar-effect freeware – has added a few extras to this EQ. PTEq features three types of EQ – PEQ1A, MQ5 and HL3C models – and four valve types. There are more precise frequency controls among the clear and concise UI controls and overall, it’s a fine emulation of the original… and some.

Mac/PC, 32-bit. More info here.

2MeldaProduction MCompressor

MeldaProduction MCompressor

You could spend an age on Melda’s website just downloading the freebies – which number 30-plus in effects alone – or better still, just download the MFreeFXBundle. MCompressor is a serious tool with separate left/right channel, mid or side and up to eight channels of surround-audio processing. It’s not as colourful as some, but is hugely flexible, with a fantastic and easy-to-master interface.

Mac/PC, 32/64-bit. More info here.

3MuTools MuVerb

MuTools MuVerb

To be honest, you won’t find too many complex reverbs out there in freeware land, which is probably a good thing, especially if they simply sound great, as MuVerb does. MuTools has developed an entire suite of creative software in the form of its MuLab bundle, but this is available as a single download, and well worth it for its more creative Filter and PreDelay options that give it a sound that can go from crisp to dreamy in an instant.

Mac/PC, VST, 32/64-bit. More info here.



You know what? Just go to the TAL (Togu Audio Line)’s website now and just fill your boots. One of the longest-standing – and best – developers of freeware now has a stunning collection of plug-ins (paid-for ones, too) and this is a great-sounding, if simple, reverb. It’s a plate reverb with controls that include low and high EQ, width, room size and modulation. There might only be around 10 presets, but Reverb-4 has a surprisingly flexible and distinctive vintage sound.

Mac/PC, 32/64-bit. More info here.

5TDR Nova

TDR Nova

Now this is the future of freeware, a plug-in so good – in looks and sound – that it really motivates you to upgrade to the paid-for version (the finely named ‘Gentleman’s Edition’ is an option here). Nova allows precise EQing for all sorts of mixing and mastering scenarios, with four dynamic EQ bands and high- and low-pass filter sections. It will cover your parametric and dynamic EQ needs, not to mention compression tasks and is simply one of the best freebies out there.

Mac/PC, 32/64-bit. More info here.

6Vladg Molot

Vladg Molot

Veering towards our more creative list of effects, this compressor is not exactly transparent. You can get more subtle results with Melda’s MCompressor because Molot is really about colour and character. We love the challenging notes on the website that almost discourage you from using it, and the UI controls appear to be in Russian. Even the manual doesn’t download but, whatever, Molot is well well worth the challenge!

Mac/PC, 32-bit. More info here.