Buyers Guide: Six Of The Best – Instrument Libraries

Welcome to the new MusicTech Buyer’s Guide where we round up some of the best products recently reviewed in the magazine and on the site. This time: six of the best instrument libraries.

Zero-G Epica


Zero-G’s Epica synth instrument is surely one of the best instrument sample libraries ever, certainly the best synth one. At least, that is what MusicTech editor Andy Jones thinks. In the review he gushed: “So you can see I love Epica. I warn, again, that my musical upbringing almost forces me to dive into this kind of stuff like some happy, hippy, electro dolphin, and if you are not like me you might find it a little too ‘electronic’.

But if you’ve ever had your heart plucked by the sound of the synth, then buy it, come and find me, thank me and tell me it’s the best £113 you’ve ever spent.”

He finally concluded: “Epica is as epic as epic can be. The best collection for synth-heads currently out there.”

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