The Buyer’s Guide To Creating An iOS Studio

Welcome to our new feature in the MusicTech Essential Guide, where we choose a starter studio for a specific task or budget. This time, it’s everything you need for an iOS studio…

ios studio


You’ll want headphones rather than monitors for your mobile-music making sessions, and while there are many to choose from, they don’t come better than these…


Yamaha HPH-MT8
Price £170 (street)
Contact Yamaha
0844 811 1116 (UK)
We said: “These ’phones stand up to models that cost a lot more – a great buy.”

Fostex TR Series
Price £155
Contact SCV London
0330 122 2500
We said: “Magnificent and dynamic. Our new go-to ’phone choice for music listening”

Audio Technica ATH-E70
Price £280
Contact Audio Technica
0113 277 1441
We said: “If you want streamlined listening, these are as good as it gets.”

Blue Ella
Price £699
Contact Blue via website
We said: “A spacious, tight, detailed and accurate sound. And they glow in the dark!”


There are many solutions to record directly into your iOS device via a microphone. Here are our best four to choose from…


Price £135 (street)
Contact Source Distribution
020 8962 5080
We said: “Two mics in one, for a wider capture and a great RØDE sound make this a great iOS option.”

Sennheiser ClipMic Digital
Price £199
Contact Sennheiser
0333 240 8185
We said: “A professional-sounding clip mic, that can be used for anything from journalism through to singing.”

Apogee MiC 96k
Price £185 (street)
Contact Sound Technology
01462 480000
We said: “A proper mic that plugs into your iOS device, delivering the quality you’d expect from Apogee.”

Shure MOTIV MV88 phone mic
Price £135
Contact Shure UK 01992 703058
We said: “A great phone mic – and you get some vintage Shure vibe, too.”


You don’t always need an interface when you’re out with your iOS device, but they’re great when you want to plug back into your studio.

Korg plugKEY
Price £85 (street)
Contact Korg on 01908 304600
We said: “Turns your iPad or iPhone into a sound module/instrument. A great way to welcome your iOS device to your studio.”

Focusrite iTrack One Pre
Price £119 (street)
Contact 01494 462246
We said: “Use pro mics without external power. That, and the quality Focusrite preamp, makes this one of the best mobile devices we’ve looked at.”

IK Multimedia iRig Pro
Price €158
Contact IKM via website
We said: “You can plug pretty much any instrument into it, and therefore your iPad for recording.”

Apogee JAM 96k
Price €129
Contact Sound Technology on 01462 480000
We said: “Interface your guitar with your iOS device. The JAM is little bigger than a cigarette lighter, making it about as portable a solution as you could possibly desire.”


The DAW is still the central component in your iOS studio – as it is with your desktop setup. Here are four great options to consider…

Price £4.99
Contact via website
We said: “Your first port of call for iOS sequencing. It does so much for so little outlay. Astonishing.”

Korg Gadget
Price £19.99
Contact via website
We said: “Probably the best music-making app on iOS. Amazing!”

Auria Pro
Price £34.99
Contact via website
We said: “The most ‘pro’ app here – and the ideal choice if you’re in a band and want to record gigs or studio sessions.”

Steinberg Cubasis 2
Price £49.99
Contact via website
We said: “Among the best DAWs to blend old-school sequencing with new-school touch.”