Buyers Guide: Six of the Best – Audio Interfaces

Welcome to the MusicTech Buyer’s Guide where we round up the best half-dozen products we’ve looked at in recent issues. This month we look at the humble but possibly most important item in your studio: the audio interface…

Resident Audio T4


Thunderbolt is the current beau of connectivity but has, until now, been costly. At a shade under £400 the T4 changes everything, offering a truly mobile interface solution for those who don’t need a ton of I/O.

Reviewer Hollin Jones said “The T4 is a great solution for portable recording and performance. It’s well engineered and has some nice touches such as the secondary headphone out and Smart Monitoring.”

He concluded: “A really solid and well-built audio and MIDI interface that has all the benefits of Thunderbolt in an affordable and portable package.”

Full Review: Resident Audio T4

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