Buyers Guide: Six of the Best – Keyboard Synths

Welcome to the latest MusicTech Buyer’s Guide where we round up some of the best products that we’ve recently reviewed. This time we’ve got six of the best keyboard synths…

Novation Bass Station II


We’ve been banging on about how good Novation’s Bass Station II is for probably too long now, but we still rate it as the mono synth to go for, especially for the money.

When he reviewed it, Senior Editor Andy Jones loved the follow up to a synth he’d reviewed two decades previously, saying…

“The focus is squarely on electronica and dance music (old and new). No big pads or digital textures, no polyphony, no chords, no ‘real’ sounds or emulations, just pure, ferocious, proper analogue synth sounds. Just the sound of the circuit at its raw, dirty, animal-like best. And at just £399.99 – a mere £50 more than the original cost on its release two decades ago – it’s stunning, simple as that.”

He finally concluded: “Bass Station II is an exceptional synth. For £399 you could buy a couple of high-end synth plug-ins. Don’t. Buy this instead.”

Full Review: Novation Bass Station 2

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