The Best Freeware for Music Makers 2017 – The Complete Collection

It’s time for our annual MusicTech freeware roundup! We’ve gathered the best free software titles in a variety of music-production categories and presented them here. Want to make music for nothing? Look no further…

Last year, we predicted that this would become an annual event here at MusicTech, and we were right! So successful was 2015’s Freeware 50 that we’ve decided to do it again for 2016 – looking forward to 2017, that is, list the best 50 freeware plug-ins in the world, right now!

The freeware scene has been around since the birth of software. It highlights either free versions of paid-for apps (these might act as an advert for a more fully featured version), or complete fully functioning software from a small company which programs for fun. There are a huge number of developers – from big names like Native Instruments right down to one-person companies.


We admit that we have some favourites, but this year we’ve kept a tight rein on things, with firm rules for our list of the best free software out there. These are:

1. It’s an-all new list, apart from half a dozen that just had to be included again and, yes, Crystal is one of them.

2. We’ve included both real and synth instruments; effects (creative, mixing and mastering); plus other studio production options, including utilities.

3. We’ve also chosen all (bar one!) titles that are available on Mac or PC. So, sit back and enjoy MusicTech’s freeware of 2016… and don’t spend a penny on any of it.

So without further ado, let’s begin our Freeware roundup. Click on any of the link buttons below for each individual category (With download links)


Freeware DFrum

Freeware Utilities

Freeware Effects 2

Freeware Instruments

Freeware Guitar

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