Fantastic Freeware 2018: The 4 Best Freeware Utilities

Though we’ve only included one new addition in this final roundup, these 4 freeware utilities are too good not to share…

PSP VintageMeter

Type Mac, PC, VST/RTAS


PSP has a great reputation in the world of plug-ins and this analogue-style VU meter is the only freebie they do, so is well worth grabbing, especially if you don’t trust your DAW’s meters.

Blue Cat FreqAnalyst 2


Blue Cat Audio does loads of great plug-ins and this freeware analyser allows real-time monitoring of your sonic frequencies. You can even customise the look of it, if you fancy.

Voxengo Stereo Touch

Type Mac, PC, VST/AU/AAX


Proper mono-to-stereo requires a lot of thought, but this little freebie does it all for you, using a mid/side coding technique. It even pushes into surround territory.

Sonalksis FreeG

Type Mac, PC, VST

freeware utilities

You might not have realised it, but you need a bigger master fader – so it’s a good job those folk at Sonalksis have realised this is the case, and come up with this for super-accurate monitoring within your chosen DAW.