Six Of The Best: Instrument Libraries – Shevannai

Best Service Shevannai

We obviously had great fun writing this review complete with a boxout discussing whether Elvish is a real language (kind of) and what the difference is between Elvish and Elven (the latter is basically Welsh but more drunk), but all joking apart this is a superb collection. Again, Andy Jones was on hand to say…


“The soundscapes are excellent and I will be using them and the whispers in projects that need that kind of distant atmosphere. I’m sadly not involved in composition for Elvish projects (but I am open to offers!). As a quality collection for a very specific job, however, Shevannai is excellent.”

The final verdict was: “An excellent collection that caters for what could be a small market, but there isn’t much competition out there. ‘Enni e bain’ indeed… Look it up, people!”

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