Six of the Best: Keyboard Synths – Korg MS-20 Kit

Korg MS-20 Kit

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Okay, so you may have to build it yourself but constructing this classic from Korg is great fun and it will get you one of the best analogue synths around, not to mention being a project that will give you an enormous amount of satisfaction. Reviewer Huw Price said…

“In total, assembly will take around two to three hours. The instructions are excellent and there’s even a troubleshooting guide, but fortunately we didn’t need it. Technical know-how, soldering ability and an understanding of electronics are not required to construct this MS-20 Kit, so it’s ideal for a beginner’s DIY project. Even so, it should be (and indeed is!) a very satisfying undertaking for experienced constructors too.”

The final verdict was: “This MS-20 reissue is the real deal. You can run it old school or hook it up to your MIDI setup, plus you get both sets of filters. And building it yourself makes it even more fun.”

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