Six of the Best: Keyboard Synths – Nord Lead A1

Nord Lead A1

To be honest, either the Nord Lead 4 or A1 could have been included but we’ve gone for the A1 because of its hands-on creativity. As Andy Jones said…


“A totally unexpected synth from Nord with one of the most ‘instant’ feature sets I’ve ever used. And while it’s smaller than the Nord Lead 4 (in physical and sonic terms) I can’t help thinking that its simplicity, its creativity and its quality will win it many friends. If you have an analogue heart, hold a note, dial some dials and after five minutes you’ll be won over too…”

He then concluded: “Creative, addictive, a joy to use. It’s for people with valves as organs and wave-shapes as heartbeats. You can program a synth. This synth…”

Full Review: Nord Lead A1

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