Everything You Need To Record A Band In Style – The Buyer’s Guide

In this part of the MusicTech Essential Guide we choose a starter studio for a specific task or budget. This time, it’s everything you’ll need to record a band in style. Check out our other starter studio guides.

record a band in style


You’ll want a great mixer and preferably one that acts as your computer interface, too…


PreSonus StudioLive
Price £1,639
Contact www.presonus.com

We said: “A great recording mixer and interface, all in one.”

Allen & Heath Qu-24
Price £1,999
Contact www.allen-heath.com

We said: “An excellent mixer and interface, packed full of features and pretty easy to get to grips with. Ideal for live and studio.”


Soundcraft Ui16
Price £499
Contact www.soundtech.co.uk

We said: “Genius band mixer, where most of the work is done on your computer – with all the connectivity your band will need.”

focusrite red 8pre

Focusrite Red 8Pre
Price £2,300
Contact www.focusrite.com

We said: “It might seem expensive, but it’s one of the finest interfaces money can buy.”


You’ll need a few, so rather than suggesting one from the following, we’d suggest all of them – you have the budget this month!

Price £899
Contact www.rode.com

We said: “Recording acoustic instruments and quieter singers presents no difficulties. Vocal tests revealed smooth and natural results.”

Shure SM57
Price £92
Contact www.shure.co.uk

We said: “You can’t have a round up on band mics without including this, as simple as that.”

Aston Origin
Price £199
Contact www.astonmics.com

We said: “This is a great mic for your vocalist and performs well with guitars and piano.”

Audio-Technica AE2300
Price £249
Contact www.audio-technica.com

We said: “A very flexible mic for cabinets, brass and percussion.”


If you’re recording the band in the studio you’ll need to monitor back on something decent. These cost between £1,000 and £2,500

Munrosonic Egg 150
Price £1,999
Contact www.munrosonic.com

We said: “The Eggs are able to serve multiple purposes, making them an excellent choice for project studios who want a high-end solution.”

KRK V-Series 4
Price £1,400
Contact www.krksys.com

We said: “The S8s in particular are a great set of monitors to stir up the £1,000+ end of the monitor market. It’s crowded, but these stand out.”

Genelec 8330A
Price £1,249
Contact www.genelec.com

We said: “Accurate across the range and with a great built-in calibration system, so you can match them to your studio.”

Focal SM9
Price £2,500
Contact www.focal.com

We said: “We have nothing negative to report about these speakers. The imaging is surgically precise, the transparency is world-class.”


The DAW is your band’s recorder, so we’ve gone for the ones with the best rep for recording…

Avid Pro Tools
Price £300 to £2,300
Contact www.avid.com

We said: “The ultimate studio DAW for bands to record with. It doesn’t do much more than others, but it sets the standard.”

PreSonus Studio One
Price £free to £279
Contact www.presonus.com

We said: “It’s catching up with Pro Tools on the features side, but still costs a heck of a lot less. A great DAW option.”

Price £199
Contact www.apple.com

We said: “Few other DAWs can match the usability, sophistication and the sheer sonic dexterity that Apple’s Logic Pro X offers.”

Steinberg Cubase
Price £80 to £488
Contact www.steinberg.net

We said: “An elegant and powerful DAW that’s a delight to use. The workflow is highly efficient and the interface is beautiful.”