Six of the Best: Real Instrument Emulations – Perpetuo Live Flute Phrases

Best Flutes – Perpetuo Live Flute Phrases

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Zero-G’s flute instrument might be an oldie but it’s a goody. Perpetuo Live Flute Phrases is an 8GB collection of thousands of live, recorded phrases compressed down to 4.6GB using Kontakt’s lossless compression technology.


The library features mainly arpeggios, runs and rhythm types, which are available as slurred and staccato patterns. All were played live by a flautist from the Liverpool Philharmonic and built from three-bar loops for natural variation. Reviewer Keith Gemmell said: “All in all, this is a very flexible pre-recorded phrase and pattern library that works great on its own and, importantly, blends well with other orchestral libraries.

An excellent tool for creating rhythmic patterns for upfront flute ensembles and for subtle background work in cinematic-style productions.

Full Review – Pepetuo Live Flute Phrases

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