Buyers Guide: Six of the Best – Unusual Software

In our latest MusicTech Buyer’s Guide we round up six of the most unusual pieces of software to appear in the pages of MusicTech in recent months…

AMT The Riser


Plug-ins for specific tasks are not uncommon, of course, but a plug-in designed for a very specific task within specific genres is. The Riser is designed as a transitions plug-in to offer those extreme dynamics in music where you get the lulls and then the big rises, which inevitably lead to the song crashing back in for impact.

This plug-in deals with the ‘rise’ part in many different ways, and can even act as an instrument in its own right. Reviewer Hollin Jones said: “Although it is perfect for electronic transitions, you can get even more creative by slowing things down and getting a more ethereal, pulsing sound out of it.”

He concluded: “It’s well worth a look for the creative possibilities The Riser offers.”

Full Review: AMT The Riser

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