Six of the Best: Unusual Software – Spitfire Audio Kings Cross Kitchenware Glass

 Spitfire Audio Kings Cross Kitchenware Glass

As sample libraries get more and more bespoke we’re seeing some very unusual recordings and collections. This library was recorded at Spitfire’s own King’s Cross-based studio – hence the first part of the name – and comprises recordings of, well, as it says, kitchenware…


So you get all sorts of sound sources covering an array of glass objects, from wine glasses to cordial glasses, even a rather fetching cafetière… It’s a surprisingly delicate and musical collection with Mark Cousins noting: “It is a real delight to see Spitfire taking a more creative, left-field approach. This rewards detailed exploration and has plenty of musical potential.”

“It has some real gems up its sleeve that will delight those people looking for something a bit different.”

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