Six of the Best: Unusual Software – MeterPlugs Perception

MeterPlugs Perception

Dynamic Range Day was an event set up by mastering engineer Ian Shepherd to highlight the benefits of a good range in mastered tracks rather than layering oodles of compression. Putting his money where his mouth is he designed Perception with the help of MeterPlugs. It’s a plug-in that syncs dry and processed signals, balances loudness and compares levels.


On the face of it that doesn’t sound like much but Mike Hillier said:

“Perception is more than a metering plug-in, it is a tool to aid listening. We’re convinced that not only has it had a positive effect on our recent mastering output, but it has also improved our efficiency, enabling us to get our masters where we want them faster.”

The final verdict was: “It’s rare that a plug-in that doesn’t do anything to the audio would get us so excited, but Perception is one such rarity.”

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