11 Tips to Build your Profile in Music

It’s not just about the music: it’s getting it and you out there in front of people too. Here are some tips to help…

1: Meet and Greet
Sounds obvious, but don’t just sit in your studio on your own. Take some time to find events where industry professionals hang out. Even if you dread networking, simply hanging out in these places and buying someone a drink or two could lead to any number of jobs coming your way.


2: Be Friendly
While you’re at it, be charming and try not to foist your music on them too soon. And follow up. If you’ve met someone at a gig, remember their name and drop them an email or tweet later.

3: Start Small
Target things like indie films, small games developers – particularly mobile games developers – and any company that regularly creates videos or radio ads.

4: Get Merchandise
Merchandise still counts, for two reasons: getting your name out, and making money. It’s not expensive to order a bunch of T-shirts with your logo on them…

5: What? Don’t have a Logo?
Get a logo. A distinctive logo will help your merchandise stand out. Try to be inventive – there’s no limit to the number of things you can slap your logo on.

6: …and a business card
An eye-catching business card can sometimes mean ‘they’ remember your name. You can get hundreds of cards made for relatively little outlay…


7: Get Your Songs Online
Websites like SoundCloud, Mixcloud or Music Xray are ideal. It should be a single place where someone can access the music you want them to hear. This is so important these days that we have a list of 9 websites to showcase your sound.

8: Do DIY PR
PR agencies will try to sell your music to their contacts in the media, but those contacts are available to everyone. Hone in on a few select media that relate to your music (DJ Magazine for dance music, for example) and get contacts through their websites.

A more expensive option is the Showcase Directory – £75 for 10,000 music industry contacts, including media and PR companies. Find the name of a person who deals with music reviews and email them a few lines or even enclose an electronic press kit (see below).

9: Pro Tip: Be Dependable

“In reality it’s incredibly hard to find people you can truly depend on in the crunch of a busy session. If you’re one of those people word will spread. Patience is important: take the approach that you’re there to help people as much as they’re comfortable with; serve their agenda, not yours.” Damian Taylor (producer, programmer, Björk)
Web www.damiantaylor.com

10: Cover it
Write a good cover note/email. You’ll need to write in a friendly email (personalised, not blanket) saying why they should check you out and what you’ve got to offer. This is a good time to mention those industry trends…

11: Make an EPK
That’s an Electronic Press Kit. It’s a kit that contains up-to-date and consistent (with your other social media) press pics or links to your music and videos.

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