The 100 Best Music Making Apps: Best Mastering Apps

Best Mastering Apps

As the final stage of music production is mastering we’ve left this category until last!

Positive Grid Final Touch


Final Touch is one of only a small number of dedicated mastering apps for mobile devices and it’s arguably one of the best. Using a series of modules that can be dragged in or out of the signal processing chain you can fine-tune your master with incredible levels of control.

You get pre- and post-linear phase EQs each with eight bands and five filter types, multiband dynamics with four independent bands of compression / limiting, a stereo imager, reverb, maximise, dithering and noise shaping. To add to the pro-level lineup of tools there’s stereo mid-side processing and a full waveform overview.

Web Price £13.99 Platform iOS

Wave-Machine Labs Arturia

Auria is one of the most advanced DAWs on the iPad platform, offering up to 24 simultaneous tracks of recording, 48 of playback with 24-bit sound. Each of its channels in the mixer has an expander, multiband EQ and compressor, and there are further mastering effects such as limiting on the master channel strip.


Crucially, Auria supports plug-ins which you can add via in-app purchases. For mastering you might want to look at Fabfilter’s Pro-C, Pro-Q and Pro-L, all of which can be added onto Auria and used to master process your project. Use Auria like you use a desktop DAW, just on the move!

Web Price £34.99 Platform iOS

Audio Mastering Studio

This app is remarkably powerful to use. If you’re looking to get a professional master of your iPad projects, this is well worth a look.

Web Price £4.99 Platform iOS


Audiobus provides a way to link apps together on a device. Or more importantly, from the perspective of mastering, routing the output of one or more apps into another for processing.
Web Price £2.99 Platform iOS

Steinberg Cubasis

Cubasis is Steinberg’s version of Cubase for iPad and it’s surprisingly powerful. With as many audio and MIDI tracks as your device can handle along with a 32-bit, 96kHz audio engine you can record up to 24 tracks at once and trigger over 70 virtual instrument sounds.

There are ten effects processors that can be assigned both to individual tracks and to the master channel for mastering, and Core Audio and MIDI are both supported for getting sound and MIDI in and out. Audiobus is also supported. As well as mastering it’s basically a supremely capable all-round music production app.

Web Price £34.99 Platform iOS

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