The 100 Best Music Making Apps: Best VJ Apps

Best VJ Apps

Matching light shows with music is the easy way to bring life to any performance…



Vidibox lets users create real-time music and video projects from an intuitive drum pad interface. The slots can contain audio, video or both and there’s easy import via drag-and-drop. You can play up to 16 tracks and an automatic video composition engine displays multiple videos at once.

Web App Store Price £3.99 Platform iOS


PixiVisor is a clever tool for audio / visual experiments. It’s a simple and fun cross-platform application that consists of two parts: Transmitter and Receiver. The Transmitter converts the low-resolution video (static image or GIF animation) to sound, pixel by pixel. This lets you listen to the sound of your image. But the main function of the Transmitter is to transmit the signal to the receiving devices.

The Receiver then converts the sound back to video. You can set the colour palette for this video, and record it to an animated GIF file. This is a more experimental kind of app that lets you explore the relationship between sounds and images.


Web Price £1.99 Platforms iOS and Android

Algoriddim vjay

Algoriddim’s vjay transforms your iPad into a mashup machine. Mix and scratch your favourite music videos from iTunes or combine songs from your music library with personal video footage.

Web App Store Price £6.99 Platform iOS

Hexler TouchViZ

TouchViZ lets you play back and mix two channels of video with independent playback speed control and ten different blend modes. You can also use the iPad’s two cameras to integrate live footage

Web Price £6.99 Platform iOS

Machine-Codex Software Muon

Muon is a music visualisation app for iPad that generates endlessly varying organic animations in time to your music. When left alone, the Evolution Engine ensures that your screen is filled with fascinating, ever-changing animations.

If a form evolves that you don’t like, a single tap or shake generates a new mutant universe. It also includes an intuitive control surface editor that makes customising simulation parameters quick and easy, while switch-bay patch-panels enable you to customise how the visualiser mutates and responds to touch and audio stimuli.

Web Price £1.99 Platform iOS

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