The 100 Best Music Making Apps: Vocal Apps

Best Vocal Apps

Five mobile apps designed with the singer in mind…

IK Multimedia VocaLive (iOS)
VocaLive gives you a suite of 12 real-time professional vocal effects as well as recording capability that can be combined into a chain of any four at once. 50 presets are included and the effects include Pitch Fix, Choir (a three-part harmonizer), Morph for formant shifting, De-Esser and Doubler.


There are also seven studio effects including reverb, delay, EQ and compression. The single-track recorder can be expanded up to eight tracks with in-app purchases, and a Voice Cancel feature lets you remove the vocal parts from existing tracks and sing along to them. It’s MIDI controllable and supports Audiobus for routing vocal parts in from other apps.
Web Price £6.99

Antares Auto Tune (iOS)
Antares has been at the cutting edge of pitch correction and auto-tuning on the desktop for years, so it was natural that they would eventually bring that technology to the mobile arena.

The idea is that you plumb your iPhone or iPad in between your mic and the mixing desk or your audio interface and make settings on the device for how the pitch is to be corrected.

Use gentle settings for subtle correction or flip into full robot mode to get the well-known ‘stepped’ effect. It’s Audiobus compatible so you can use it to process vocal parts that you have already recorded, and has multiple scales available for more accurate
pitch correction.
Web Price £2.99

Virsyn Harmony Voice (iOS)
Harmony Voice is a pitch-shifter and harmonizer that can add up to four voices to your sung signal based on keys that you play on a keyboard, and also comes with automatic tuning correction.


It works with formants, so you can turn a female voice into a male one and vice versa. Choose automatic or manual harmonisation, change voice character and play back racks from your iTunes library.

There’s onboard reverb, delay and chorus to process the signal, and Audiobus support along with an audio recorder with a metronome and support for MIDI input devices.

Connect to other apps or use it as an effect between your mic and computer-based recording setup and create harmonies with ease.
Web Price £2.99

QNEO Voice Synth (iOS)
Voice Synth is a nifty tool for real-time vocoding. In fact it has three 24-band live vocoders, AutoPitch, a multiple voice harmony arranger, pitch and formant shifter, an onboard sampler, 24-band EQ, multiple studio effects and a spectrum stroboscope.

You can import vocal files or route sound in from the mic or via inter-app audio. Use the built-in virtual keyboard to control the notes that are generated by the vocoder and even use inter-app MIDI to control it from a different app.

There are 100 factory presets and you can record and export your performances. Advanced pitch-shifting enables you to change your voice into almost any style.
Web Price £6.99

VocalEase (iOS and Android)
This is a portable warm-up studio for performing vocalists and public speakers, designed by a well-known vocal trainer. 12 warm-up exercises are included as audio files and you can play these to get your pipes ready for the big performance.

Warm-ups are a crucial part of any performance and something that a lot of vocalists don’t take seriously. With these exercises to hand there’s no excuse for damaging your voice by not limbering up first.

You can also opt to download extra exercises via in-app purchases at any time.
Web Price £1.18

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