Beginner’s Tutorial: Recording A Band

By now you should have a working understanding of audio interfaces so it’s time to put what you’ve learnt into practice and get to grips with recording a band. Not up to speed? Check out part 1 before continuing…

recording a band

1. When it comes to recording a band playing at the same time, you’ll need an interface with multiple inputs. We’ve chosen the PreSonus StudioLive RM16AI, which can even be controlled via iOS.


2. Connect your band up over, say, the first eight channels. You might need DI boxes to connect some instruments up. Mics can go direct into the mic preamp inputs.

3. In your DAW, make sure that your software is talking to your interface by selecting it as both the input and output device in your Preferences tab. This will be similar in all DAWs – we’ve used Logic in this case.

4. Create as many audio tracks in your project as you have instruments and mics connected from your band. Again, we’ve just shown eight.


5. Next, you need to assign these tracks to the inputs of the audio interface. In Logic, simply click the input on the mixer channels and a drop-down menu will appear. We’ve selected input 1 for track 1.

6. Set levels for each track by getting members to sing or play, and then arm each of your tracks (in this case, by hitting the R tab on each one) – then press record and you’re away!

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