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In this content hub we collect the best mobile music apps and hardware for your iOS or Android devices and learn that the possibilities are endless…

Best Mobile Music

iOS music production has reached a certain level of maturity, it’s true; but it’s more like a teenage level of chaotic development, with hormones and zits all over the place! Some organising and filtering is needed and in this guide we’ll highlight the best mobile music DAWs, apps and iOS-compatible audio interfaces that we think represent the current state of the art in iOS music.


We’ll also suggest setups based around combinations of these, putting together apps and interfaces in different combinations to replicate – or attempt to replicate – existing big-platform DAWs.

The primary test device used for this was the iPad Pro, the 12.9” version, with the iPhone 6 Plus also coming into play. Both are slightly bigger-than-average iOS devices, and that’s not a coincidence; every square cm of touchy glass goodness helps when you’re working with music apps, and their sometimes-crowded interfaces. For any serious music use, I’d say an iPad is vital – most of these apps run on iPhone as well, but in terms of performance and interaction you just won’t be getting the full benefit of the iOS music experience.

So click below on our 5 main roundup pages, focusing on specific areas of mobile music making, from DAWs to Interfaces, Synths to Sound Design tools and you’ll  get the best mobile music making experience


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