Fantastic Freeware 2018: The 7 Best Freeware Beat Makers

Add some new rhythmic elements to your productions with these 7 free beat makers…

Melda Production MDrummer Small

Type Mac, PC, VST/AU/AAX

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One of the best freebies on the market, MDrummer Small features a huge free download of 500MB of sounds: 30-plus drum sets, 200-plus samples, 400-plus drum-set components, 50-plus multisamples, 60-plus rhythms, 200-plus base-rhythms and 2,500-plus loops. Everything you need to make beats for free, with an intuitive interface.

AudioSpillage MiniSpillage

Type Mac, AU

Sadly one of the few Mac-only plug-ins, but well worth its inclusion, due to the quality sounds you can get out of it from its simple interface. You get a Wood drum-modelling synth, a single-oscillator bass drum and a six-oscillator hi-hat generator. That’s pretty much all your drum sounds covered, and a lot of flexibility to make them varied both as natural and synthetic sounds.

Psychic Modulation Cubix

Type PC, VST


We’ve had a Mac-only one, so we’ll balance it out with a PC-only one. Cubix is an oldie but a goodie, designed for creating beats on the fly. You get four parts, each drum section with its own dual X-Fade sequencer for beat mixing. There’s a waveshaper, amp envelope, and several oscillator shapes and tones to choose from. There’s even a bassline synth to cater for all of your low-end needs, too.

Distocore Bazz::Murda

Type Mac, PC, VST

We wanted to include a kick-drum generator as they’re all the rage at the moment, and this one has enough controls to take the beat results well beyond the kick. It’s designed for the harder side of dance – think dubstep, gabber, drum ’n’ bass – but there’s so much going on, with three oscillators, filter and modulation effects and distortion, that you can get very flexible results for many other styles.

Beatskillz Beatfactory Drums

Type Mac, PC, VST/AU

There are a few freeware plug-ins that act as the starting point for a larger instrument for which you pay for the expansions, and Beatfactory Drums is one of them. But what you start with – 10 kits covering Hip Hop, Trap, EDM, 808, Dubstep, House and World – might well be enough for you. They are well recorded kist too, and with plenty of edit controls for each one it is one of the best freeware plug-ins around.

Dopekitz Rupture

Type Mac, PC, VST/AU

We know we’re in beatz territory when an ‘s’ gets turned into a ‘z’, and here’s another piece of free core software, with expansions available at an extra cost. Rupture comes with five great sounding kits (kitz) called West Coast RPT, Tribeca, Ever 1da, Crunk’d 2.5, Danger Drumz which might not be obvious but do provide a very good spread of sounds on their own. You get 16 tracks, basic controls and pads to play with too.

Tactile Sounds TS-808

Type PC, VST

It’s amazing that Roland’s TR-808 drum machine is still so popular since it made a comeback to kickstart acid house 40 years ago. There are plenty of software 808s around but this is as flexible as most and offers 15 classic drum parts to twist and tweak with controls like tuning, tone and decay knobs as well as velocity, level, pan and selectable output. It sounds better than it looks too.