Thursday, February 21, 2019

Logic Pro



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Beginner’s Tutorial: Recording A Band

By now you should have a working understanding of audio interfaces so it's time to...

Logic Pro X: The Beginner’s Guide

Setting up a Template project with a few tweaks here and there could save you...

Logic Pro X: The Beginner’s Guide – Part Two

Andy Jones continues his beginner's guide to Logic Pro X with a look at Project...




Alchemy ambient additive pads in Logic tutorial

Learn how to use Alchemy’s additive powers to create pads in Logic Pro X

Alchemy can produce some beautifully pure ambient pads, thanks to a flexible architecture and the wonders of additive synthesis. We continue to explore the synth to create some exceptional atmosphere.
Lush analogue pads with Alchemy in Logic Pro X

How to create analogue-synth-style pads using Alchemy in Logic Pro X

Alchemy’s virtual-analogue synthesis engine can produce pad sounds with all of the sumptuous warmth of classic polysynths such as the Roland Jupiter-8. We show you how…
Logic Pro x Smart Tempo

Smart Tempo in Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X 10.4.2 has ushered some major developments in its Smart Tempo functionality, making it much easier to control your project’s tempo. We clock on...
Working with MIDI Controllers in Logic Pro X

Working with MIDI Controllers in Logic Pro X

Harnessing MIDI Controllers is an essential tool to exploit the expressive potential of both software and hardware instruments. In the following workshop, Mark Cousins...