musictech 203 100 pro tips
    Vital guidance and practical advice on production, mixing, mastering and more.

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    musictech 202 gear of the decade year

    MusicTech 202: The best gear of the decade

    We look back on 10 years of incredible innovation, as well as present the winners of our Gear of the Year awards for 2019.
    musictech 201 the art of mastering issue

    MusicTech 201: The art of mastering

    Expert guides and tutorials on how to prepare your tracks for commercial release.

    MusicTech 200: The ultimate freeware guide

    Read on to kit out your virtual studio with DAWS, plug-ins, drum machines, effects and orchestral instruments – all for free!
    musictech 199 songwriting issue

    MusicTech 199: The art of songwriting

    Our series of in-depth songwriting features covers pro advice, tips on song structure, advice from star producers and more.
    musictech magazine issue 198 synth special

    MusicTech 198: Explore the synth universe

    Meet artists and makers who are pushing the boundaries of modern synthesis – plus, learn all about synth emulation and the synths that made dance music.
    MusicTech 197 Studio to Stage on sale

    MusicTech 197: Taking your compositions from studio to stage

    In this issue, the pros show us the best ways to take our works out of the studio and on to the stage.

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