FL Studio 12.2 Released

The latest update for FL Studio has been released, the point upgrade expands on the capabilities of the 12th version of the software by adding new vectoral interfaces, FLAC export and a wealth of new content. Read on for more info…

Official Info


What’s New?
New vectorial interfaces – Updates for your favorite plugins (BeepMap, BooBass, EQUO, FL Keys, Fruit Kick, Big Clock, dB Meter, Delay 2, Delay Bank, Drumsynth Live, DX 10, Fast Dist, Flangus, Granulizer, LSD, Multiband Compressor, PanOMatic, Parametric EQ, Plucked!, Reeverb 2, Slicer, Soft Clipper, Soundfont Player, Stereo Enhancer, Stereo Shaper, Vocoder, WaveShaper, X-Y Controller)
Harmor – 3 x tempo synced templates (2, 4 & 8 bars)

New Content – 1650 one shot drum samples in Packs > Drums > Mode Audio (121 Claps, 47 Cymbals, 110 Foley, 353 Hats, 349 Kicks, 192 Percussion, 57 Rims, 26 SFX, 48 Shakers, 286 Snares, 61 Toms)

FLAC export

UI enhancements – Separate color and icon menu options for Playlist Tracks, Channel Rack buttons and Mixer Tracks

Typing keyboard to piano – 15 new scale presets

New demo projects – Winners & some finalists from the FL Studio Demo Contest in Projects > Song contests


Many bugfixes – test and let us know if we missed your favorite bug (check the WhatsNew.rtf in the install folder first!)

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