GIK Acoustics Alpha Wood Series Expanded

GIK Acoustics have revealed that they are set to expand their Alpha Wood Series to include larger panels and corner bass traps. Read on for all the new information…

Press Release


ATLANTA, GA (February 3, 2016) – Leading acoustic treatment manufacturer GIK Acoustics is proud to announce the expansion of the Alpha Wood Series to include larger panels as well as corner bass traps.

GIK first introduced the Alpha Wood Series last fall with the launch of our 4A Alpha Panel. Last month at the NAMM Show we displayed the Corner CT Alpha Bass Trap, the large 2A Alpha Panel with freestanding supports as well as the 6A Alpha Panel. These products are now available for sale directly
worldwide on all our websites.

Changing the face of acoustic panels and bass traps, the Alpha Wood Series beautifully combines absorption with diffusion and enhances any room both aesthetically and acoustically with superior quality, high-performing, and stylish room treatments.

There are three ranges of Alpha Panels:

2A Alpha Panel is 2″ thick


4A Alpha Panel is 4″ thick

6A Alpha Panel is 6″ thick

All Alpha Panels are available in two standard sizes: 23.75″ x 23.75″ and 23.75″ x 47.75″

Alpha Panels are easy to mount with sawtooth hanger (included). No glue or destructive adhesive when mounting.

Customers have their choice of orientation. The Alpha Panel can be hung vertically or horizontally or in a combination of patterns. The choice is yours.

Optional supports make any 23.75″ x 47.75″ Alpha Panel a freestanding gobo with both an absorption side and a diffusion side. It’s movable, reversible, effective, and beautiful.

The Corner CT Alpha Bass Trap is designed to absorb pesky low-frequencies that build up in corners while diffusing the upper-frequencies leaving the room more lively.

At 47.75″ tall, the Corner CT Alpha Bass Trap is freestanding and designed to be stacked for floor-to-ceiling coverage.

The Corner CT Alpha Bass Trap effectively absorbs at 50 Hz and above resulting in a beautifully balanced room that will suit even the most critical listener.

Company founder and president, Glenn Kuras says, “When we launched the Alpha Wood Series last fall, we knew there would be more products added to the line and the day has come. I am thrilled to bring these items to our customers. The Alpha Series is truly a game changer for GIK and for the industry.”

With the Alpha Wood Series what you hear and what you see is beautiful.

The Alpha Wood Series is available for sale direct from all GIK Acoustics websites.

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