Ableton Live 9 and Push Demonstrations

Ableton have today unveiled news of a UK promotional tour for their latest hot products, Live 9 and Push. The company will be using guest artists, certified trainers and product specialists to demonstrate Live 9 and the capabilities of Push.



The venues that Ableton will be showcasing Live 9 and Push at are as follows:

London User Group  – Covent Garden Apple Store    – May 15th

Glasgow User Group – Glasgow Apple Store  – May 16th

Exeter – Analogue 2 Digital Music Show – May 18th

London – Music Tech Fest – May 17th – 19th



Looks like a grand opportunity to check out Live 9 and Push if you’re on the fence about picking them up, and seeing the experts demo them at their best is always a plus. Live 9’s versatility has been scrutinised in our Live 9 Review, we love the new capabilities and functionality and this is the perfect chance to witness it in action!


For more information see Ableton’s website,