LIVKONTROL – Control Live Using Your Android Device!

We’ve just checked out this very cool looking new app for Android and iOS devices, the LIVKONTROL is a very straightforward and user friendly piece of software that flawlessly integrates with Ableton Live – allowing you to remotely control the various functions and features of one of our favourite DAWs. This is the very first Ableton Live controller for Android devices!




Some of the features of this unique new app include

Plug and Play Technology: Instant Connection

Bonjour technology is used to detect Ableton Live in your network saving you the hassle of configuring IP’s addresses.

MIDI Enabled: Control Parameters

Aside from having your Live’s scene reflected you can also assign custom MIDI map to the device parameters.


Flexible Layout

With iPhone or iPad, the layout will always be optimized for your screen and multitouch gestures will enabled you to easily switch between views.

Low Latency

You will never fail a peak time break with the incredible fast response due to the ultra low latency.


With an intuitive user interface, all functions are clear enough to be used without the help of any document.


LIVKONTROL running on an Android Tablet


And the app also works with all devices, it is available now for iOS for the price of $9.99 from the iTunes App Store  and for Android via Google Play, it is also available to try out for free before you buy at this link – A piece of software called LK Bridge is required to connect with Live – this can be downloaded here

We’ll bring you a review soon, looks like a cracking and highly useful app!