Aftertouch – 3D Touch App

This year alone we’ve seen a great number of impressive and potentially groundbreaking music-making apps arrive on iOS, yet almost a month since its release we’re only just discovering ‘Aftertouch’, a 3D MIDI controller that follows in the footsteps of the LinnStrument…

Released last month by developer Kevin Nelson, Aftertouch is designed to utilise the iPhone’s 3D touch functionality, detecting velocity, pressure and movement to create an expressive controller in the palm of your hand.


With a built-in synthesizer and the ability to send MIDI note and control data to other apps, or to external hardware via the Camera Connection Kit and Bluetooth MIDI, Aftertouch could find itself rubbing elbows with some of the best music-making apps of 2016.

Aftertouch is available now for £2.29 from the App Store

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