Elektron Begin Shipping Analog Heat – Audio Enhancer/Destroyer

Swedish music hardware company Elektron has announced that the recently announced Analog Heat has started shipping…

Analog Heat

Dubbed by Elektron as an “Audio enhancer. Audio destroyer,” Analog Heat is designed to take any sound you’ve got and twist and shape it into whatever you so desire, or so Elektron claims.


With eight different stereo analog distortion circuits available Analog Heat promises to deliver sounds from either end of the spectrum, be they warm saturation or abrasive distortion.

Heat also features a stereo analog multi-mode filter and 2-band stereo analog EQ for further tinkering, as well as an assignable envelope and assignable LFO for creating rhythmical textures and re-shaping beats.

Analog Heat is available to purchase from Elektron’s online store for £679/$749/€799.

Watch it in action below and find out more here