New A&R platform, Andrson, connects industry to artist with AI

    Can AI scout new musical talent for us?

    The mention of AI crops up in all sorts of places at the moment, and the world of music is certainly not short of AI involvement. Andrson is one of the latest apps that relies on a digital mind to provide a service.

    Focusing on the A&R sector, Andrson is a digital music platform due to launch 1 October. Up-and-coming artists can register and create their own profile to showcase themselves, their music, videos and influences. Meanwhile, A&R executives can sign up and use the platform to search for artists and genres needed for their rosters.

    Andrson will match artists to the desired search criteria through audio AI and predictive analytics. The example provided is “if Andrson says an act sounds 70 per cent like Beyoncé and a label searches for that, the artist will be in front of them and ready to be contacted.”


    Zach Miller-Frankel and Neil Dunne are the founders of Andrson, inspired to create the platform whilst at university in Dublin. The duo are experienced and passionate music industry professionals, and directed these qualities in solving inefficiencies they came up against in A&R.

    The goal with Andrson is to close the gap between A&R expenditure and the search for new talent. In their announcement, they state that “$4.5 billion is spent on music discovery each year globally, but €50 million wasted in Ireland alone and over $2 billion worldwide”.

    Andrson will launch at Ireland Music Week on the 1 October with 30,000 musicians across the UK and Ireland poised to join the service in the first few months.

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