Find out how Apple Music’s INDIY artists produce their music

Many of the playlist’s featured artists are self-produced and self-released.

We’ve all dreamed of self-releasing the music we produce in our bedrooms and finding success with help from the internet. Apple Music’s new INDIY playlist showcases some artists that are living out this dream, self-producing and self-releasing their own material. It dives into a blend of indie and R&B music – “mellow but adventurous”, as Apple describes.

“The tracks here have as much to do with the expressivity of soul as the left-field subversions of ‘alternative’ – music that invites you in but still keeps things a little weird and abstract”, the Editors Note continues.

To celebrate the launch, two of the artists featured – Marie Dahlstrom and Bamily – have shared Instagram posts demonstrating how they use Logic Pro X in their work. Marie Dahlstrom details her signal chain and how she applies certain plug-ins to achieve her desired vocal sounds. See it below.

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QUICK GUIDE TO START YOUR OWN VOCAL PRODUCTION 💙 in collaboration with @applemusic launching a new version of Logic Pro X, which a 90-day free trial. Personally I prefer using logic for recording vocals, I think it’s the easiest and quickest way for me to get a good workflow going. Soooo, I know many of you have asked about vocal production tips, and I thought I’d list 4 essential plugins you can get to kick-start your own vocal production. A short chain: 1. FabFilter Pro-DS. This plugin takes out the harsh frequencies in your voice that might pop out and makes your voice easier to work with, when you move on to adding EQ and compression. 2. Fabfilter Pro Q3. This is an EQ you can use to roll off some of low end and boost a bit of high end depending on your voice. 3. Renaissance Vox (Rvox). Compress your voice with Rvox from Waves. This compressor is easy to use and has a beautiful touch to the vocal. In general, I would recommend getting the whole Waves package, as there are lots of other good tools for your vocal production (eg. Vocal Rider, which levels out your voice (almost like when you do manual automation, but done automatically, so you don’t have to level out your voice as much. Or CLA Vocals, which I use often, if I quickly want to get a good sound, and get a quick workflow going. CLA Vocals includes everything at once; EQ, compression, Reverb and Delay) 4. Use Soothe audio processor from Oeksound to soften up your vocals a bit. This plugin basically catches what your FabFilter Pro-DS is not catching! 🙂 5. Start playing around with effects; reverbs, delays. Placement of your audio; stereo imaging and panning, filters etc 🙂 HAPPY VOCAL PRODUCTION ! And love to @applemusic for including ‘Time’ on their new INDIY playlist!

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Bamily has posted a short video talking through the Logic Pro project of Little Brother, breaking down the instrumentation, effects and arrangement. The full video breakdown is due for upload in the next few weeks.

Currently, there is a 90-day free trial for Logic Pro X, where budding producers and songwriters can get stuck into recording and production. You can also check out our Logic Pro Tips video series to get up to scratch on using the revered DAW.

Some of the other artists that make an appearance on the INDIY playlist include the sample-heavy psychedelic artist Yves Tumor, rising UK star Beabadoobee, who was sampled in Powfu’s mainstream hit Death Bed.

You can listen to the INDIY playlist on Apple Music now.


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