AudioFuse Update Brings Enhancements And Windows Improvements

The first AudioFuse update has been announced by Arturia, which promises plenty of enhancements and Windows performance improvements…

audiofuse update

Enjoying several months of use, Arturia has been able to take the feedback of AudioFuse users and release the first update for its long-awaited interface. These improvements include:


A new driver for improved latency – The update brings the 3ms latency of Mac performance to Windows systems. Arturia promises that Windows users will get even more out of their CPU, extra efficiency allowing for more tracks, effects and VSTs in their DAWs.

Sleep mode – When the creative flow needs a little rest you can put the AudioFuse on standby. A single press will switch the interface back on as soon as your ready to dive into another creative session.

USB HUB – You can now connect without needing an external power source. When the hub is powered only via USB, small devices such as dongles and USB memory sticks will be read, a particularly useful addition for remote recording sessions with a DAW or plugins that require a dongle.

We’re also told that the intermittent flickering of the LEDs has now been improved to a steady, constant glow for accurate readings.

Arturia AudioFuse is available to buy now for €599.