Ask Abbey Road: Put your questions to stem mastering expert Oli Morgan

    Put your recording and mixing questions to the blockbuster score recording engineer.

    Ask Abbey Road is an ongoing series that puts the knowledgeable in-house engineering team from the world’s most famous studio at your disposal. Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll ask your questions then collate the answers and post them online.

    This Month’s Engineer: Oli Morgan

    Fielding your queries this time is mastering engineer Oli Morgan, the newest addition to the in-house engineering team at the legendary studio and specialises in stem mastering.

    Before joining Abbey Road, Oli was in-house at Fluid Mastering where he mastered tracks for the likes of Blossoms, Gregory Porter, Seal and more. It was here he found that the tight deadlines of stereo mastering didn’t allow him to immerse himself fully in the world created by the songs, though.


    By combining his own production and mix work with his training as a mastering engineer, Oli was soon exploring the world of stem mastering.

    For more information on stem mastering, read our recent primer and step-by-step guide.

    If have questions about mastering – or specifically stem mastering – ask them below and we’ll pose them to Oli for you.




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