Aston Microphones’ Halo Shadow Is Back In Black

If you looked at Aston Microphones’ Halo reflection filter and thought, “I wish there was a moodier-looking version”, then you need to check out the Halo Shadow…

halo shadow

The Halo Shadow brings a new, more eldritch aesthetic to the standard Aston Halo, forgoing the purple colouring for an all-black finish. It’s identical in every other way to the Halo which, when we reviewed it, impressed us enough to have us cooing that it was “more than just another reflection filter”.


The Halo Shadow’s features include lightweight, high-tech construction, with patented PET felt, British architectural design, 360 filtering and proprietary ‘easy mount’ hardware. Aston claims that, in use, the Halo offers radically improved isolation, a much bigger surface area and depth of acoustic treatment and more linear absorption and diffusion.

Pricing and Availability:
Halo Shadow is available now for £219 from selected dealers. For more information head here.