Audio Damage Mangleverb Promises ‘Wild Sonic Destruction!’

Audio Damage have unveiled their latest impressive plug-in: ‘Mangleverb’ – a combination of a filter, a thick reverb and an envelope follower, also mixed with an LFO and a VCA.

The culminative effect of this sonic juxtaposition is Mangleverb which promises to deliver an impressive array of effects on your work, in the words of Audio Damage ‘It is, for all intents and purposes, a Swiss Army Knife, for both wild sonic destruction and more utilitarian production work’




“Want to make a cool smooth-shaped verby kick?” Audio Damage say,  “No problem. A 16th-note stutter gate? Gotcha. A plain ol-fashioned funky duck envelope follower? We can do that. A huge 80s “Pour Some Sugar on Me” gated snare ‘verb? Although we’re not sure why you’d want to do that, with Mangleverb it is alarmingly easy.”


Mangleverb is available now from Audio Damage’s website for $49 for both PC and Mac in VST/AU Formats, here is more detailed info about what you get for your buck:

» Simple-to-use algorithmic reverb that can be either pre- or post-filter/VCA.


» A monster resonant filter model with lowpass, bandpass, and highpass modes, and a drive circuit for gritty distortion.

» Sophisticated tempo-synced LFO with waveshaper to create all common (and some uncommon) modulation shapes.

» Envelope follower with internal, LFO, sidechain input, and MIDI trigger modes.

» Feedback path and modulated VCA for final signal taming.

Here is a demonstration video of Mangleverb’s capabilities: