AudioKit release free, open-source Synth One for iPad

AudioKit’s new iPad app, Synth One, is an extremely exciting passion project that could become a major contender against the paid-for alternatives…

It’s described as “the first completely free & open-source professional iOS Synthesizer app in history”.


It was created over two years by 100 volunteers around the globe, including sound designers for Kanye West, M83, Tycho and Rihanna. Not only is the instrument completely free, users won’t see any ads or sponsors, and none of the participants of the project has made any money.

It’s the purest of passion projects and one that opens a lot of exciting doors for the mobile music making community.

Thanks to being open-source users can use the code to learn how to build their very own synth or modify Synth One, but you should take a look at its already impressive credentials before tumbling down that rabbit hole.

A hybrid analogue/FM poly with 5 oscillators, 2 assignable LFOs, 16-step sequencer, an arpeggiator, filters, ADSR envelopes for amp, filter and multitap delay, as well as MIDI Learn for all knobs.

It’s currently compatible with Audiobus 3 and Inter-App audio, with Ableton Link, MPE and AUv3 support in the pipeline.

Head to the App Store and try it out yourself.