Audiomodern Random Groove Generator Max for Live Device Released

Audiomodern continues it’s popular line of Max for Live releases with the arrival of Random Groove Generator PRO, a MIDI tool that features four channels that generate pattern sequences for you to build upon…

With the ability to randomize the steps, pitch, volume, filter, sample point, amount of notes and much more Audiomodern is confident that Random Groove Generator will offer “virtually unlimited creative potential for any audio production.” Here’s what they have to say about it.


“Its unique approach to music creation is sure to have you finding new grooves, rhythms and melodies never heard before. Unlike an ordinary step sequencer, Random Groove Generator PRO creates sequences by combining groove, pitch, filters, resonance, velocity and more…

Random Groove Generator PRO has been designed to promote music creation both in studio and live with a simple and convenient user interface. As a bonus we have included a folder containing 180+ One Shot samples divided in 6 categories to get you started.”

Random Groove Generator PRO is available now for €39, for a full list of specs head to the product page here.