Autodafe releases the DRM32 Analog Drum Machine for Kontakt

Autodafe has revealed the DRM32 Analog Drum Machine for Kontakt (requires 5.6), which they tell us, has been based on samples of some of the most renowned analog drum machines and synths to be released…


With a multitude of sounds the DRM32 finds inspiration in many places, which include the Roland System 100M, OSCar, Arturia Drum Brute, Elektron RYTM and Analog Four, Korg KRP77 and Bontempi Keyboard and many more.


Here’s what’s featured in the DRM32 in Autodafe’s words.

The Main Instrument has 5 vertical Slots:

  • Kicks
  • Snare/Rim/Clap
  • Hats (Closed, Open, Pedal)
  • Cymbal/Cowbell
  • Toms (Hi, Mid, Low) for a total of 12 sounds

Each Slot has 32 different selectable kits of sounds: 32 Kicks, 32, Snares/Rim/Clap combinations, 32 Hats combinations (Closed, Open, Pedal), 32 Cymbals/Cowbells, 32 Toms combinations (Hi, Mid, Low) allowing many different combinations of samples.

Each slot has separate Level, Pan and Tune controls for fine editing and fine-tuning of the samples.

Each slot has two separate controls for Attack and Sustain of the onboard transient shaper.

Each slot has Solo/Mute buttons, to Solo and Mute sounds in the slot.


Each slot has an independent selectable Filter: Filter Type (different LowPass, HighPass), with Cutoff and Resonance controls.

Each slot has an independent Distortion section with selectable Type (Tube or Transistor) and Level control.

Each slot a dedicated Reverb Send Level, which controls the amount of sound that is sent to the Reverb bus channel.

DRM32 Analog Drum Machine has an onboard Drum Sequencer with 32 selectable patterns, as well as a dedicated Drum Delay and Reverb.

The instrument will normally load as a stereo instrument, but can be switched to Multi-Output, with user assignable outs.

The DRM32 is available now for €29.99 here. To see it in action, watch the video below.