Baby Audio simplifies parallel compression with I Heart NY plug-in

    Baby Audio’s maiden voyage into software processing is a simple compressor unit that ‘Spanks’

    New York is home of the famously punchy parallel compression technique and plug-in newcomers, Baby Audio. For the uninitiated, parallel compression is the process of routing a dry audio signal to a bus, with a quick and harsh compressor inserted. Blend the dry signal with the signal from the compressed bus, and the result is a track with improved body and presence. Most compressor plug-ins now also have a mix knob so you can achieve the same thing with an insert, however, you still have to think about various settings.

    I Heart NY aims to simplify this process, featuring just three parameters: Spank, Parallel Signal and Output. ‘Spank’ controls an algorithm that is a mix of high-ratio compression, EQ and a transient-friendly envelope. The dial is intended to give you compression that ranges from “subtle tightness, to pumping galore”, says Baby Audio.

    In the centre of the interface is a slider, labelled ‘Parallel Signal’. This is used to dictate the presence of the compression in relation to the dry signal. A ‘Solo’ button can be switched on and off to hear the compressed signal on its own, giving you flexibility when setting your amount of ‘Spank’. The ‘Output’ knob is used to amplify or attenuate the mixed signal


    The simplicity of I Heart NY is part of Baby Audio mission of cultivating a user experience that focuses more on “creating music, rather than engineering music”, they tell us. In other words, “creating professional toys for music production”, combining power and play, inspiring producers of all levels. At an affordable price of $29, this could be a nifty creative addition to your plug-in folder.

    With a goal to release at least another three plug-ins, we certainly look forward to hearing what else they have to offer.

    I Heart NY is available now for $29. Find out more on Baby Audio’s website at



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