Behringer’s RD-808 gets video teaser and sub-$400 price tag

Behringer RD-808 - Featured Image

Behringer chose to celebrate the 808 day with a video teaser of their forthcoming RD-808 clone and we’re suitable enticed…

Amongst the many announcements, such as Roland’s vinyl release and bespoke beer to celebrate 808 day, the folks at Behringer decided to tease the RD-808, which they say will cost under $400. The announcement was made via Facebook where they showed off the drum machine in action. Though there’s no more news regarding a release date, the video does hint at more big news arriving on September 9th.

It’s been 8 months since we first caught wind of the RD-808, which made its first appearance at this year’s Superbooth alongside the brand’s Sequential Circuits Pro-One, ARP Odyssey and SH-101 clones. Whilst many people are excited to get their hands on previously unaffordable gear, the company has faced criticism for its decision to clone iconic instruments. Whether you’re on board or not, it’ll be very interesting to see where their current strategy takes them.

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