NAMM 2019: Bitwig rings in the new year with the Bitwig Studio 2.5 beta

The update brings new arranging options and more.

Bitwig studio 2.5

2018 has been a big year for Bitwig. After two updates to its flagship product, it’s now announced a third: the Bitwig Studio 2.5 beta. The best part? The new features were “requested or inspired” by users.


One of the major upgrades is Clip Blocks, a feature that allows you to break up your project into groups or “clip blocks” and jump between them. This gives you even more options when it comes to navigating your arrangement.

Elsewhere, audio editing has also been given a boost with the new ability to slide audio. This essentially keeps clips in place while you freely move the audio within it. One other notable upgrade is the new Note FX selector device, which enables you to sweep through endless layers with a single knob.

The bow on top of this timely gift, however, is a package of new sound content titled Analog Waves. Created in collaboration with Boxed Ear, this addition contains 60 Sampler presets, each made with hundreds of full-frequency oscillator waveforms.

Watch the product intro here:

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