Cableguys Release TimeShaper

Cableguys has released the TimeShaper, the latest entry into their shaper series that is designed to allow users to create stutter, scratch, tape-stop, glitch and repeat effects.


Thanks to TimeShaper’s hands-on tools you can draw the desired LFO shape and then get to work. Whether it’s adding a glitch or a stutter to an EDM track, rearranging a DnB breakbeat or creating house build-ups TimeShaper claims to be able to do it in record time and with multiband operation your creativity can cross over to the bass, mid-range and treble.


TimeShaper can run by itself or stacked with other Cableguys’ shaper effects using the ShaperBox effects rack.

TimeShaper is available now for €39/$44 for PC and Mac in VST/AU formats. For full information and a free demo to try out head over to the Cableguys website.