Capture The Output Of Any Instrument With Pro CV To MIDI

Kenton has announced Pro CV to MIDI convertor, which can capture the output of any analogue instrument – synth, sequencer, Eurorack module or Theremin – and convert it to MIDI…

Immediately available, the Pro CV to MIDI takes any analogue control voltage (CV) signal – pitch, pitchbend, modulation, etc – and converts it to MIDI. The unit will appeal particularly to modular synth fans, but can still find a happy home with any CV-equipped instrument, whether it be classic synth, analogue sequencer or Theremin. It can also be used to trigger digital synths with analogue keyboards or control a MIDI module with a Theremin.

Pro CV to MIDI key features

  • CV & Gate inputs on 3.5mm mono jack sockets
  • A to D conversion for main CV input is 16 bit high quality ADC
  • V/octave, Hz/V or 1.2V/oct modes selectable
  • Gate type can be selected as Gate or S-trig
  • Aux1 & 2 inputs on 3.5mm mono jack (continuously variable or switch selectable)
  • Auxes can select controller number
  • Auto tune feature makes setup easy
  • MIDI Out on 5 pin DIN socket
  • Power consumption 85mA
  • Dimensions 122mm wide x 75mm deep x 42mm high
  • Weight 170gms
  • Non-volatile memory EEPROM (no back-up battery required)
  • 32 bit ARM processor
  • The Pro CV to MIDI is supplied complete with a plug top power supply.

Pricing and Availability:
PRO CV to MIDI is available now for £136.92 inc VAT (£114.10 ex VAT) and can be purchased here where further info can be found.