Chiltern Music Therapy launches iPod Pharmacy in the UK

Chiltern Music Therapy has launched iPod Pharmacy, a new initiative that aims to help children and adults through recycled iPods…

The iPod Pharmacy is a scheme that involves people donating their old, unused iPods to Chiltern where they are reconditioned and loaded with personalised playlists and tracks for music therapists to loan out to their patients and clients. The treatment helps hospitalised children and adults, as well as the elderly in care homes with little or no access to technology and music. The program has already been hugely successful in Canada, and Chiltern are hoping it enjoys the same success in the UK.


If you’d like to get involved with this great cause, there’s a couple of different ways you can go about it. Either donate your old iPod(s) to the charity, either via post or at a local depot (details of your nearest can be found at, or donate £5 or £10 towards a personal playlist for a patient. Chiltern are also encouraging people to set up their own local iPod Pharmacy teams and depots, with local depots gaining support from the charity through posters and marketing materials.

Elizabeth Nightingale from Chiltern Music Therapy said: “There are over 1000 qualified music therapists in the UK working with tens of thousands of children and adults each year. Music Therapists work in a myriad of ways and places, but the core element of using the power of music to make a positive change for someone is central to all our work. Chiltern Music Therapy are delighted to be the exclusive UK partners of the hugely successful iPod Pharmacy initiative and this fantastic scheme will help our therapists to reach more people in need using music”

Support for the charity has already gained names such as Jazz FM and Yamaha, with the latter pledging a pair of headphones for every iPod donated, so all recipients get the complete audio package. Both brands will also be supporting the run-up event to Love Supreme Festival at Glynde Place (29th July-1st August), where there’ll also be an iPod Pharmacy drop in/drop off point.

Get involved and visit for more information.