123 Creative Release Classic Colored Pedals 1

123 Creative and G-Sonique have just released a very useful collection of virtual guitar pedals in VST format, the effects include stereo delay, blue chorus, tremolo and a noise gate. For the low price of €7.90. For more detailed information see below




Official Information 

Classic colored pedals 1 is collection of 4 classic yet very useable VST guitar effects: virtual guitar pedals / stompboxes, that was created in cooperation with G-Sonique engineers.


Classic colored pedals 1 includes:

– Stereo Delay SD-1: classic stereophonic delay with delay, feedback and mix knobs.
– Blue Chorus CR-1: classic blue chorus with rate, depth and mix knobs.
Tremolo TR-1: gentle sounding sinus tremolo perfect for all mellow styles like folk, blues, jazz and others.
– Noise gate NG-1: if you want to eliminate noise of your analog to digital converter (mostly audible if use distortion pedals which significantly multiply volume of input signal) or if you want to remove guitar acoustic reverberation/feedback use Noise gate NG-1. Noise gate release just signal which is louder than set level (by threshold knob), all quieter sounds are removed.



–       File format: .dll (VST plug-in)
–       Requirements: Windows 32bit VST host (Cubase, FL studio and others)

Standard price: 7.90 €

Product link: