Meet The MusicTech Team!

Meet the team of experts behind MusicTech


Editor : Andy Jones


Editor of MusicTech magazine and website – Andy J’s specialities include composing and utilising synths. Read his blog here


Digital and Compositional Editor: Andy Price

Andy holds a masters in songwriting and has a vast interest in music history and recording techniques, He works daily on on the most up to date tutorials and features as well as regularly contributing to this magazine. Read his blog here



Cubase Tim Hallas

Tim’s a music technology consultant and education expert. As Cubase Editor he will be bringing you a range of technique features for the popular DAW . 


Mixing/Mastering/Logic Mark Cousins

Mark specialises in sound design and cinematic productions. He has recorded with orchestras across Europe and is heavily involved in soundtrack composition. 


Recording & Guitar Tech Huw Price

A recording engineer since 1987, Huw has worked with David Bowie, My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream, Depeche Mode, Nick Cave, Heidi Berry, Fad Gadget and countless others. 


Scoring/Orchestral Keith Gemmell

Keith specialises in areas where traditional music-making meets music technology, including orchestral and jazz sample libraries, acoustic virtual instruments and notation software. 


Ableton Live & DJ’ing Liam O’Mullane

Liam has worked as a D&B scratch DJ as well as releasing dubstep, D&B and hardcore tracks. His passion is to learn the production styles of the latest genres using Live. 


Reason & Mobile Hollin Jones

As well as teaching music technology, producing and writing soundtracks, Hollin is an expert on everything Apple, mobile or computer-related, as well as being an accomplished keyboard player. 


Electronic Music Alex Holmes


Alex has been a computer musician for 15 years, having a keen passion for beats, bass and all forms of electronic music. He’s currently involved in three different dance music projects. 


Studio Hardware John Pickford


John is a studio engineer with over 25 years of experience. He is a keen sound recording historian and has a passion for valve-driven analogue equipment and classic recording techniques. 


Pro Tools Mike Hillier

Mike spent five years at Metropolis Studios, working alongside some of the best-known mix and mastering engineers in the world. He is now building his own studio in south London.