Control Ableton Live In Virtual Reality With New App ALiveInVR

Virtual reality has yet to make a massive impact on the world of music, but that may be about to change with the arrival of AliveInVR; a new VR app that allows you to control Ableton Live…


See how AliveInVR works in the video below:


AliveInVR key features

  • Perform your favourite Live sessions and lose yourself in the music from VR.
  • Session mode – clip triggering and clip colors (reflected from your Ableton Session).
  • Note mode – play drum racks or instruments.
  • Mixer mode – control track levels, send and return.
  • Stream video of your performance to the desktop with in-game camera for screen recording and sharing online.
  • Choose daytime, sunset or night environments.
  • Clips pulsate in sync with the music.
  • Re-Arrange triggers around yourself in 3D.

The app is still in early access so if you’re intrigued by the idea, you can get be part of the development and even submit ideas for improvements.

Pricing and Availability:
AliveInVR costs just £8.99 from Steam. For more information head to the website here.